Ozo Hockey Box

Modular hockey training center with 2 shooting zones and fully automated system of puck passing and collecting.
Can be easily installed near ice area(parking area, field).

Flexible installation

Can be installed near ice arena on parking space or field. No rental cost or additional mounting. Full installation requires only 2 days.

2 Shooting zones

OzoHockey Box contains 2 fully equipped Shooting Zones with automated puck passing and collecting system.

Dribbling mode

The player can perform simple shot or ‘dribbling + shot’ to imitate real-game situations.

Part of PASS (Performance Analysis Skills System)

Can work separately or as a part of PASS system with full stats analysis.


No more crowd and risk. Only 2 persons are in the same room at a time.

Fun and healthy additional training

Improve shooting skills by playing specially designed games. No more boring training. Collect points while playing interactive games projected on the specially designed goal.